A Pakistani living in Tanzania since April 2015. Spent the last five years living in Singapore and Malaysia. Mom to a two year old. Love to travel, write and make connections between seemingly random events. Strong believer in fate and karma.

Still new to this kind of writing. For the longest time, I resisted switching over from my trusty notepad and pencil (with an eraser at the back; never a pen!) to a word processor, forcing myself to believe that someone had to keep the tradition of actual writing alive. But my noble mission was disrupted and challenged by the need to churn out at least 4 papers a week on average at my lovely grad school. I, reluctantly, had to give up my ‘primitive’ ways as some of my friends put it to meet the time constraint.

I continue to be a paper loyalist however and no ‘save the environment’ advocates can convince me to change my mind. No word processor can match the flow of ideas that writing on paper facilitates. The fact that mine might be the last generation to actually know what I’m talking about saddens me.

Let this blog be my way of making peace with that little voice inside me that urges me to ‘keep up with the times’.

Follow me as I discover life as it happens.



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  1. Looking forward to reading your blog!


    1. Thanks! Going through yours and loving it!

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