Of toddlers, last minute trips, the MotherCity and much more.

Our South Africa trip is still fresh in my mind and I thought its a good idea to jot it down before it becomes a hotch potch of glimpses and mind straining images which is what happened with Australia. I will try to resurface Australia once i get done with SA hopefully. I don’t like forgetting trips and I have stopped trusting my once immaculate memory.

The trip took shape as A had a workshop in Johannesburg on a Monday and Tuesday. We thought we will combine the preceeding weekend and Wednesday fly to Cape Town from Joburg. Come back to Joburg on Saturday and fly back to Dar on Sunday. Perfect. clap clap.

Two days before we were to fly out As workshop got cancelled. We didnt know if we would be going or not as A might have work in Dar to take care of. We cancelled the Joburg hotel bookings and crossed our fingers. This was going to be a last minute thing, if at all, not the best kind with a toddler on board.

Lots of changes, hair pulling, are we are we not later, saturday we finally got on the plane. Its happening!

Saturday afternoon we reached O.R. Tambo International via South African Air. Go to the British Airways flight counter and pay through our nose to get the joburg capetown flight changed to today instead of tomorrow.

3 hours later we are aboard BA towards Capetown. In the lounge waiting for boarding, we go through the list of shortlisted hotels in Cape Town to book for the night.

As luck would have it its spring and peak tourist season and most hotels are getting sold out by the second.

Finally, we find one at the Southern Sun Waterfront at double the normal rates. All the cool apartments I had shorlisted seem to be sold out. We will see tomorrow we decide and get ready for another 2 hour flight to capetown. We had left our place at Dar for the airport at 4 am. Its now 1pm and Faiz isnt too pleased.

Touchdown Cape town. The view from the plane reminds me of Sydney. Blue ocean, beautiful harbor.

We check into our hotel and a cuppa and hot shower later take the hotel shuttle to the Victoria harbor waterfront. Steaks at Primi and a view of the amazing waterfront. The long haul seems worth it. Grab a coffee and take in the cool breeze. Thank you dear God.

Apart from the fact that Faiz cried most of the first 3 days and that he hated his stroller and only wanted to be carried around by the mother, Cape town was a dream. Poor guy was running a flu induced fever which explained his misery but it cleared up on the 4th day and life became brighter.

The next morning we found our perfect apartment and moved in. It was so beautiful that it had me wishing I could stay in it forever. So warm cosy and inviting with a view of the harbor and the most well equipped kitchen. So spacious. Perfect for a family trip.

I had looked up the hop on hop off bus routes earlier and we took a cab to long street for lunch and possibly the tour.

The bus guide suggested we take the tour tomrw morning as we wanted to do the wine tour as well and an early start would give us ample time to explore the estates. So we had a fish and chip lunch and explored the green market square next door.

Green market was a treasure trove of handicrafts. I picked up elephant bookends chiselled out of stone and faiz had a blast running after the pigeons. Then we took a stroll down long street which is well really long. Boutiques, book stores, cafes. Stopped at one for coffee and took a cab to the waterfront. Window-shopped and then got lucky as we got a table at Willoughby’s that too on a weekend. Sushi platter and some Thai seafood curry, all baby woos forgotten, we called it a day.

Next morning we chilled on our balcony took in the crisp air. The ferris wheel at the waterfront reminded me of london. Except the table mountains surrounding it said this isnt london this is something more this is the mother city.

Took a cab to Long Street again and boarded the red double decker. We changed onto the purple line for the wine tour and hopped off at the Groot Constantia wine estate. Groot Constantia is the oldest wine estate in South Africa and provincial heritage site in the suburb of Constantia. ‘Groot’ translates to Great in Dutch and Afrikaans.

We walked down the estate and settled at Simon’s for lunch.

A had to take office calls while we were their and baby decided he wanted the kid at the other tables car which the kid didnt want to share so i could call it a bawling fest or i could call it a piece of paradise which it was. Rolling vineyards, tall shadowy trees, green meadows and the table mountains overlooking. Warm sunshine. A on the phone. Baby bawling. Still picture perfect. Cheers.

Next we hopped off at Camps Bay, one of the most affluent neighborhoods with the most amazing beaches. Had coffee and cheese cake at Terrace cafe, nestled in the Table mountains With a fantastic view of Clifton beach.

Got on again drove alonside the breathtaking harbor. Blue water white sand crashing waves. Im glad we did this.

Next day was completely at leisure chilled at the Waterfront explored the Watershed market. Faiz ran around the harbor picked up a few things at the mall had good food saw a masai performance caught a few glimpses of the springboks fight it out in the Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals.

Next afternoon we bid adieu to our perfect little apartment and flew to Joburg. We had booked at Garden Court Sandton, right on Nelson Mandela square as we wanted to stay in the middle of the action. Living right next to africas largest mall wasnt a bad idea and their buffet breakfast made me happy too. So for the next 3 days we shopped and chilled and chilled some more. Baby had taken to the stroller by now and even grocery shopping at Woolies was a pleasure-so much fun stuff!

Monday morning A had to go to the vodacom HQ at Midrand for a meeting so baby and I had breakfast hung out at the pool and then hit the mall. Faiz had fun hopping and I felt right at home. Amazing how retail therapy isnt really a myth. Thanks Sandton city mall.

We wanted to go to Montecasino later in the evening but by that time baby and mommy were both tired so we saved it for next time. Because there definitely should be one.

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