Saturday morning @ the Oysterbay Farmers Market


So while Daddy A was stuck with office work, Baby boo and I decided to make the most of our Saturday morning (and the fact that King Julian was doing us a favor by coming to work half day on Saturdays) and head to the oysterbay farmers market.

As expected as soon as we got there baby decided to start bawling. All I could manage was a quick look at the stalls with bawling baby hanging from one shoułder.

The Oyster Bay Farmers market is an initiative by the World Food Program to mobilize the urban community around local food production. Two years on and the Market has become a regular feature of Dar es Salaam life. Some 25 vendors set up stalls on the last Saturday of every month, selling fruit and vegetables, pastries, chocolate, coffee and cheese in an open-air courtyard next to the ocean. All the goods are produced in Tanzania and come from as nearby as the city centre, and from as far as Moshi, at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro.

One of the stalls I managed to glance at was run by Mama Boma selling essential oils such as coconut and hibiscus and baboa flour. Another by Namanga foods had chilli and garlic pastes, jams and preserves. Yet another was selling handmade soaps made from essential oils.

  Mama Boma
Too bad I couldn’t stay for too long as baby boo’s behavior was verging on hysterical by now and I had started getting looks from people around me ( which seems to be a popular past time here btw but that makes for another post).


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