As expats, we are always on the lookout for eating places recommended by locals. Think of it this way. If someone came to live in Lahore and stuck to MM Alam road for food options, that would be plain sad. They’d never know about Butt Karahi or Ashraf Tikka or Paradise shawarma or Lakshmi Chowk thoothis and Kashmiri chai. Get the idea? Sad, right.

So in our quest for trying out the real stuff, we ended up at Fierce, recommended by A’s boss as having the best Indian biryani in town.

It’s a small, no frills kinda place right behind the Bangsar MRT. In addition to lamb and chicken biryani they also serve banana leaf, the south Indian style of vegetarian platter, popular in malaysia. The best banana leaf we’ve had so far is at Nirvana Maju near Bangsar Village, but that makes for another post.

The lamb biryani we ordered came sealed in a metal pot with aatta (flour used to make rotis). The idea is to seal in the flavor. The rice was served with a bit of raita, curry and salad.

They also had a freezer which had cups of homemade ice cream in the most local flavors imaginable:
Teh Tarik (local Malaysian milk tea), Pandan Kaya and Salted Gula Melaka. Out of their list of ‘special’ flavors ‘Guinness’ stood out the most!

Pandan is a natural leaf extract that is a common ingredient in local desserts and has a distinct green color. Pandan kaya is pandan flavored egg-coconut jam, a popular malaysia spread. Gula Melaka is palm sugar originating from the Malaysian city of Melaka.

The turnover for the place is exceptional. The ice cream freezer was almost empty since we went at night. The Teh Tarik ice cream is definitely on my list for next time!






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