If you’ve lived in or visited Southeast Asia in the recent few years, you will have definitely noticed the long queues at bubble tea stalls that have cropped up all over. I’d been wanting to try out this Taiwanese concoction for some time now. The same long queues that convinced me to give it a shot were also a turn off. Till today when I saw a relatively short queue, at Chatime at Bangsar Village.

Bubble tea also known as pearl milk or boba tea is a tea based drink containing milk or fruit syrup and chewy, gummy tapioca balls plus lots of ice. Interesting, right? It was invented in the 1980s in Taiwan and has become huge in Asia over the years.

Since it was my first time, I asked for the basic pearl milk tea. It came in a sealed plastic glass with a relatively thicker straw that lets the tapioca balls pass through.

First impressions: I liked it! It was like sweet ice cold milk tea with the jelly like tapioca balls adding a bit of chew. I know it sounds weird! Haha

Thinking of trying out a fruity one next time. The long queues make a bit of sense now.

Ps: The stall was called ‘Chatime’. Cracked me up a bit. Tea is called ‘Cha’ in Punjabi. Pun intended?




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