Voodoo bones and pumice stones

So I picked up this piece of coral from Pangkor Island, a few years back. It caught my eye because of its strange, voodoo bone like shape. It just kept lying on the bathroom sink all this time with my collection of shells that I always pick out from all the beaches I’ve been too. Inspiration: mummy, of course. Takes me back to the first time we went to Karachi. 1996 maybe. Clifton beach and all 4 of us picking out shells from the sand and filling up a bag.

I was looking up a quick fix for ingrown hair the other day and apparently a pumice stone is supposed to work wonders. According to Wikipedia, pumice is volcanic rock. Since I am the Queen of Improvisation, based on the Pangkor Voodoo bone’s porous appearance and it’s chances of actually being volcanic rock, I decided to give it a chance. And Viola! Worked like a charm.

Looking forward to collecting more voodoo pumice stones on my next beach trip!



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